Artificial Nails


New Sets (Sculptured, Silk or Tips) ($55) - The artificial nails that last a couple of weeks and will not come off, unless it’s done professionally.

Fills ($45) - Replacement of the artificial nails.

Shellac ($30) - This new revolutionary product is the newest way to make your natural nails look perfect!

Sand and Polish ($15) - Shaping and polishing natural nails.

Broken Nails ($10) - Repair of broken nail.

Polish Changes ($12) - Reapplying a fresh polish over artificial nails.




Manicures ($21) - Includes hand exfoliation, massage and polish.

French Manicure ($24) - Includes hand exfoliation, massage, polish, and painting white tips.

Deluxe Manicure ($28) - The ultimate luxury treatment for hands, includes exfoliating and moisture mask with heated mitts, manicure and paraffin.

Polish Changes ($12) - Reapplying fresh polish over nails.

Nail Fix ($8) - Fixing a broken nail by applying glue or other materials.




Pedicure ($40) - A pedicure is aimed more at beautifying, moisturizing and deep-cleaning your feet.

Deluxe Pedicure (Pedicure + Paraffin) ($40) - Your skin is buffed with a l lavender sea salt scrub enhanced with steaming towels.




LIP ($12) - Lip waxing is a relatively quick method of removing dark or excess hair.

Brow ($12) - Brow waxing is a quick and relatively easy alternative to plucking your eyebrows. Although it is generally best to get eyebrows waxed professionally.

Forehead ($12) - It’s a treatment of hair removal that leaves your skin smooth and polished.

Sideburn ($12) - A treatment of hair removal from sides of your face.

Half-Arm ($20) - Waxing around the Half Arm area.

Arm ($30) - Waxing around the whole Arm Area.

Toes ($5) - Hair removal from the top of toes.

Chin ($8) - Chin, Lip, and Brow waxing is a quick, safe, and effective way to get rid of that hair.

Brow and Lip ($18)

Brow and Chin ($18)

Brow and Lip and Chin ($28)




Aqua Chi ($38) - The Aqua Chi Detoxification Foot Bath & Spa is helping thousands of people feel better and live better. The Aqua Chi Foot Bath energizes your life, increases vitality, and achieves optimal wellness.




Blow Dry - $35

Haircut - $55

Permanent - $75

Long Hair - $105

Highlight (Foil) - $85 (Cap) - $75

Color - $55

Tinting ($20) - A safe and appropriate tint is applied to your natural lash to enhance the color and definition of your eyes or brows.

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